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vixx_graphics's Journal

Vixx's graphics
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Bases and icons made by the_vixxmeister.
Hi! I'm Vixx!

This is where I will display my bases and icons to save my personal flist from having to wade through my stuff!! Feel free to take any of the stuff posted here, just remember to credit me (the_vixxmeister) or this community (vixx_graphics).

All of the entries are tagged, go Here to see all of the current tags. All of the base and icon posts are in the memories too, and the list is kept up to date there too, so either route should lead you to whatever you are looking for!

Any base can be taken and customised, I count anything that does not have text on it as a base. I will also happily customise things for you if you would like me to.
I am happy for you to customise icons too, I would just like to know what you are going to do.

If you would like bases of anything in particular, just ask. I can't promise I can do them, but I will give it my best shot :D Make a post entitled "Request post" and say what/who you would like bases of and a ball park figure of how many - I don't want to make too many or too few for you!

If you do take any of my bases, I would LOVE to see what you do with them. It's not a rule or anything, I just think it's cool!

If you do take any of my work - the very least you can do is tell me! This means that you should comment on every post that you take from - manners count for quite a lot around here.

Do not hotlink anything from this account or I will hunt you down and sic a ferret on your arse!!

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